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Key Partners

Sealed Air - Innovations in foam from the global leaderSealed Air - Innovations in foam from the global leader

Sealed Air - Our products protect your products

Sealed Air is a major international manufacturer of innovative protective packaging materials and systems including: Stratocell, Cell-Aire and Cellu-Suchion, high-performance, extruded, closed-cell polyethylene foam products. They are manufactured to meet the highest quality and environmental standards, and are ideal for a wide range of packaging and non-packaging application.

Polyethylene Foams

• Resilient, lightweight and cost-efficient, with superior physical properties necessary for cushioning, insulating and barrier applications.
• Industry’s largest selection of densities and designer colours.
• Available for quick, world-wide delivery, in a wide range of sheet and laminated plank configurations.
• Easily converted using traditional fabrication equipment.
• Special formulations are available that provide static and UV protection.
• CFC and HCFC-free.
• Recyclable and reusable.

Selecting the right Sealed Air foam product for your application
Sealed Air maintains an extensive network of authorised fabricators worldwide, to design and fabricate Sealed Air polyethylene foam into a wide range of shapes, forms and die-cuts. Their experience and comprehensive knowledge of product and product application ensures the most cost-effective packaging and non-packaging design solutions are achieved.

Stratocell - High-performance cushion packaging

Specifications and benefits
• Sheet size: 1200mm x 2000mm. The extra wide material maximises yields during fabrication.
• Available in a range of thicknesses from 25mm to 100mm.
• Density: 30kg/m3. Designed to provide high performance cushioning protection.
• Standard colour white, also available in black and anti-static grades.
• Excellent versatility: can be fabricated using conventional methods and equipment. Laminates easily with adhesives to corrugated board, wood, metals or bonds to itself by heat welding.
• Clean, lightweight, non-abrasive, water resistant excellent insulation.
• Other applications: sport and leisure, building and engineering plus many others.

Packaging Solutions - through evaluation, design and testing

Our package design capability
Our package design laboratory at Kettering has been awarded the International Safe Transit Association certification for package testing. The ISTA pre-shipment test procedure provides a means for manufacturers to significantly improve the assurance and safe arrival of their packaged products. We achieve this through the utilisation of tests simulating the shocks and stress normally encountered during handling and transportation.


Speciality polyethylene foam
Cellu-Cushion is an extremely versatile product with many different application possibilities. In addition to packaging, the foam is used in both the construction and leisure industries. Available in rolls of varying colours and thicknesses (2 to 15mm), Cellu-Cushion can be custom-made for your individual requirements.

Sporting goods, athletic equipment and toys

Outstanding buoyancy, resiliency and durability make Cellu-Cushion polyethylene foams a natural choice for water sports, protective athletic equipment, games and accessories.

• Personal flotation devices, i.e. life jackets.
• Surf and body board construction.
• Boat cushions and buoys.
• Floating pool toys and furniture.
• Spa and hot tubs.
• Athletic equipment and wall padding.
• Aerobic steps.
• Exercise and camping mats.
• Golf bag and backpack inserts.
• Archery and dart targets.
• Car-top boat carriers and racks.
• Toys of all kind.

Construction engineering applications

Superior insulating and barrier characteristics, along with easy on-site fabrication, make Cellu-cushion polyethylene foam products ideal for a wide range of construction applications:

• Floor underlay.
• Concrete curing blankets.
• Pipe insulation.
• Sill plate gaskets.
• Separation and pressure relief joints in foundations, roof, floors and concrete pavement.
• Closure strips and gaskets.
• Pool liners and covers.
• Buried cable protection.
• Underground oil and gas pipeline protection.
• Tunnel lining.
• Acoustical insulation.
• Vibration isolation for heavy equipment installations.

For more information visit the Sealed Air website - http://www.sealedair-emea.com

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