Materials we use

A lot of Foam and Rubber!

We provide an extensive range of materials of the highest quality with minimum waste.

Extensive Range

Rather than bore you with an extensive list of materials in all their glorious technical details, we’ll keep things simple.

If your product is made out of foam or rubber, we’ll provide the right material for the job.

Whether you need to float your boat, filter your water, protect your products or seal your gasket, you can trust us to recommend the best material from our extensive range of expanded foams and rubbers.

Trust Quality

There’s a reason we choose Sealed Air to supply our material.

This global leader produces the highest quality raw materials to the strictest environmental standards.

With an application range spanning golf bag inserts, tunnel linings and gas
pipe protection, you can be sure that there is a Sealed Air material perfect for your application.

Green People

Minimising waste and protecting the planet is important to us.
Which is why over 50% of the waste material is returned for recycling.
By working in partnership we’re doing what we can to be green.
Not sure on the best material for your product application?
Please give our experts a call. We’re always happy to help.

Let's talk foam

Whatever your requirement is… if you need foam we’ve got it covered! Get in touch to speak with our team of foam-focussed experts, who are always on hand to help. Alternatively, email to request a free sample.